"Masterful, occasionally sobering, and genius in it's own right."  ~ The Hour

ACT III: Love Will Ruin 
Featuring: Hot Hot Heat, Bed of Stars, Pilot Speed.
Released: 2011 (Ocean Records/Maple Music Recordings)
The third act in the triology, ACT III is a concept album on the theme of tragic love. Reflecting on personal relationship failings, unrequieted love, and even divorce, the album painted a lyrical picture of melancholic unease juxtaposed against a more upbeat rock instrumentation than previous albums.  
ACT II: The Blood & The Life Eternal 
Featuring: The Raveonettes, Aqualung, Big Black Delta, Catherine Wheel, Auf der Maur, Ours, Mobile, Magneta Lane, Hawksley Workman. 
Released: 2007 (Ocean Records/Maple Music Recordings)
The second act is a concept album on the themes of eternal life and love within the realms of an everlasting existance. Considered by many as one of the most cohesive albums in the canon, the album solidifies NWL's abillity to drive melancholic melodies into atmospheric landscapes, while orchestrating towers of unique instrumentation; from choirs to power tools. 
Act I: Goodbye Friends Of The Heavenly Body  
Featuring: City & Colour, Our Lady Peace, Finger Eleven, The Velvet Teen, Shudder to Think, The Watchmen, Age of Electric, 311, Creeper Lagoon, Deckard, Sleepway, The Black Maria, Hum, Ours. 
Released: 2005 (Ocean Records/Maple Music Recordings)
A dense and sobering album, this debut has become a timeless piece of collaborative history. The epic offering contains sixteen tracks divided into three sections as one continuous musical bleeding of song with no silence. Fifteen different guest vocalists bring stories of our connection to spirituality and celestial beings to life. It's debut single "The Grace" spent weeks at the top of the charts and was the ideal introduction of this incredible project to the world.